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Interview for PH Museum
gabriella n. baez
Dec 19, 2020
Super excited and thankful for the PH Museum interview about my project "Ojalá nos encontremos en el mar"! 

I was interviewed by the incredible Veronica Sanchis Bencomo, who I met a year ago during the Women Photograph Workshop in Ecuador , and is curating the series "In Focus: Latin American Female Photographers". 

In the interview I share some insight on working on a project so charged with emotions: "I’ve photographed this project through the ever shifting emotions of grief and I’ve let these emotions guide my intimate imagery and writing. I’m also still always watching out for my needs in this process of coping and healing."

Special mention for Luis Rivera for the edits!

Read the interview following the link below:
The Deep Psychological Undercurrents of Trauma
In turmoil over her father’s sudden death in Puerto Rico, Gabriella N. Báez began to seek traces of him around the island to better understand his passing an

Gabriella N. Báez

Gabriella is a documentary photographer based between San Juan, Puerto Rico.
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