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Archeology of my father. Gabriella N. Báez (@gabriellanbaez) is a documentary photographer and visual artist based between San Juan, Puerto Rico and New York City. Early in her career, she has focused on documenting intimate subjects: from her father's death post-Hurricane María, the archives of her Cuban family, and the relationship between sexuality and depression. Her work is raw, intimate, and personal. She has been published in Reuters, Bloomberg, The New York Times, The Guardian, CNN, BuzzFeed News, and The Washington Post. She is currently a 2020 Magnum Foundation Photography and Social Justice Fellow. San Juan Puerto Rico

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El País on the exhibition no existe un mundo poshuracán: Puerto Rican Art in the Wake of Hurricane Maria
gabriella n. báez
Nov 25, 2022
Location: New York City

No existe un mundo poshuracán: los reclamos de Puerto Rico tras María se exhiben en Nueva York 
Una muestra en el Whitney Museum plantea las fracturas y el impacto del ciclón que devastó la isla hace cinco años. Para la curadora, el verdadero desastre de la isla es la sensación de estar atrapada en las consecuencias del huracán

Gabriella N. Báez

Gabriella is a documentary photographer based between San Juan, Puerto Rico.
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