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First NYT Assignment!
gabriella n. baez
Jul 13, 2019
Location: New York City
Happy to share the publication of my first assignment for The New York Times ! Check it out in print on section B. page 4 of the Saturday, July 13, 2019 paper. Follow the link below for the online version.

Thank you to everyone that made this happen, looking forward to more opportunities to come!
  22 States Considered Eliminating the 'Tampon Tax' This Year. Here's What Happened.
Menstrual products are subject to sales taxes in 35 states, and lawmakers' efforts to exempt them have floundered. Now supporters of 'menstrual equity' are considering legal action.

Gabriella N. Báez

Gabriella is a documentary photographer and visual artist based between San Juan, Puerto Rico and New York City.
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