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Magnum Foundation Global Covid-19 Projects Grantee!
gabriella n. baez
Nov 20, 2020
Honored to be a Magnum Foundation Global Covid-19 Projects Grantee along with with local collaborator, journalist, editor, and poet Alejandra Rosa Morales. Our project explores the re significance of family for trans and queer youth during the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Magnum Foundation's coverage will continue over the coming months with in-depth stories from around the world.

Next up are a series of projects in Latin America which will appear in Time Magazine, including work by Gabriella Baez and Alejandra Rosa Morales (Puerto Rico), Koral Carballo (Mexico), Andres Cardona (Colombia), Claudia Guadarrama (Mexico), Fred Ramos (El Salvador), and Isadora Romero (Ecuador).

These photographers are receiving project mentorship from Cristina De Middel, Moises Saman, Susan Mieselas, and Yael Mártinez."

We’re pleased to announce new projects by our 2020 grantees documenting the impact of the global health crisis from inside their communities.

Gabriella N. Báez

Gabriella is a documentary photographer based between San Juan, Puerto Rico.
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